Health Savings Account

Supplement Your High Deductible Health Plan the Smart Way

Earn interest on Park Community’s HSA

If you’re on a high deductible health plan, you should open your Park Community Health Savings Account (HSA) today. We offer interest on balances over $200 and the money you save is all yours, meaning there is no “use it or lose it” provision. Park Community HSAs are a great way to achieve peace of mind where healthcare is concerned. And did we mention, Park Community HSAs may be completely tax deductible?*

5 Compelling Reasons to Open a Park Community HSA Today

  • No monthly service charge
  • Interest paid on balances over $200
  • FREE Wellness HSA Card from MasterCard
  • Unused funds remain in your account, year after year
  • HSAs are owned by the individual, not the employer

Contact us today for more information at 502/968.3681 or 800/626.2870 

Take Your HSA to the Next Level with an HSA Certificate

If you have more money in your HSA Savings Account that what you are likely to use, you can earn even more interest with an HSA Certificate. HSA Certificates feature a $500 minimum opening balance, a variety of terms (6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months), and your deposits may be tax deductible. Plus, if something happens where you have to withdraw before your term is up, then you only lose interest and never principle!

Current Rates

Certificate Interest Rate APY*
6 month HSA Certificate 0.30% 0.30%
12 month HSA Certificate 0.49% 0.50%
18 month HSA Certificate 0.499% 0.50%
24 month HSA Certificate 0.896% 0.90%
36 month HSA Certificate 1.193% 1.20%
48 month HSA Certificate 1.44% 1.45%
60 month HSA Certificate 1.587% 1.60%

*APY=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as of 10/08/2013 and subject to change without notice. An early withdrawal penalty may be imposed on certificate accounts. For more detailed information, call 502/968.3681 or 800/626.2870.

*Please consult a skilled tax advisor regarding tax deductibility.


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