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Financial Learning Center

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Whether you’re at home or work and need something light to read, stopping off for a coffee break, or just need some tips on how to be a well-armed consumer – Park Community’s Blog is the place for you! Come check it out, new blogs are posted 3+ days a week!


Master Your Checking Account with CheckRight

Learn the ins and outs of handling your checking account with CheckRight. Learn everything from how to open an account to reconciling your account with this free self-study program. Never bounce a check again!


Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Each month, most people spend 10 percent more money than they make. Now there is a smarter way to manage your money. BudgetSmart is an easy-to-use software tool designed to help you manage money more effectively. Download it now!


GreenPath Financial Counseling and Money Management with GreenPath

As a Park Community Credit Union member you have unlimited access to GreenPath’s financial counselors who can offer you solutions tailored to your individual needs. GreenPath has more than 50 years of experience and can help you with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Personal and Family Budgeting
  • Understanding Credit Scores
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure and Repossessions
  • Debt Repayment
  • Money Management

Free Tools and Resources from GreenPath include:

Hours (EST):

  • Monday- Thursday:  8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Friday: 8:00am – 7pm
  • Saturday:  9:00am – 6:00pm

GreenPath Certification Courses

Click here for more information, or call us at 877.337.3399.

Financial Resource Center

Formerly Home & Family Finance and Plan It

Explore various topics, from saving & investing to retirement at the Financial Resource Center. This site covers auto, credit, housing, small business, and so much more. Click here to begin your financial education.

CUNA Podcasts

Listen. Learn. Share.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, these informative podcasts are loaded with tips for your financial and overall success.


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