Park Community Mobile Banking

Out of town, out of the house, or out after hours? Whenever or wherever you are, with the Park Community mobile app all of your banking needs are just a fingerprint away!

Mobile App Refresh

Our digital banking and mobile app refresh is here! Featuring a sleek new design and customizable accessibility features.

If you haven't logged in since before March 5th, our mobile app refresh will require you to log back in with your username and password and reset biometric logins (Touch ID & Face ID).

If you need help logging in or don't know your information, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Paying with plastic is so 2014.

Park debit and credit cards are now on your phone!

Ditch your wallet and experience all of the benefits of mobile payments.

Setup is easy. Simply add your Park card to the wallet of your choice. This will depend on the type of device you own. Once installed and verified, you are ready to leave the plastic at home. All you need is your mobile device in hand to make purchases at participating retail stores. A simple touch of a button or click of a mouse will allow you to pay while shopping online and within mobile apps.

CardValet app

The CardValet app lets you manage your Park Community debit card with customizable alerts that let you know when, how, and where your card is used. Turn your card on and off, Travel without notifying us beforehand, and more - you’ll have full control.

  • Take control of your debit card and protect against fraud.
  • Use alert preferences to be notified of unusual purchases through the app.
  • Monitor and control youth cardholders’ usage.
  • Receive notifications each time your debit card is used.