Introducing the Savings Jar

We have taken the concept of putting your extra change each day into a jar to the next level! Add the Savings Jar option to your account in Online or Mobile Banking, and with each debit card transaction you make, we round-up to the nearest dollar and sweep the extra change into the savings account of your choice.

This free option makes saving a no brainer and can be added to any Regular Savings, Additional Savings, and Holiday Savings accounts that are under the same membership as the debit transactions.

How to Opt In

Members can opt in via Park Community Online Banking or our mobile app. Once you're logged in, select 'More Services' from the menu, select the Savings Jar option, and follow the instructions to start saving!

Savings Jar Details:

• Point of Sale (POS) and Signature based debit card transactions are included

• If a transaction is an even-dollar transaction, no round-up will occur

• All round-up amounts are totaled and posted in one deposit to the savings account

• If funds are not available for the round-up transaction, no transfer will happen

Make Easy Donations

Set your destination account to donate directly to the Park Community Foundation and help build a more vibrant community. Donations are used to support the Foundation's three impact areas – education, financial wellbeing and thriving communities.